George Bellias

experienced post production professional

video editor • online/color/finishing • post workflow • studio owner • producer

"I love post production, I just do.  I love the process, the collaboration and the constant opportunity to learn and grow.  Mostly, I just love to create."

- George Bellias

For 22+ years, I've built my career and reputation as a reputable Video Editor and Post Production studio owner.  My record of achievements span production, editorial, color correction, finishing, post workflow, and project management in film, video,  live broadcasts and webcasts.

My success in optimizing any production can be attributed to an accurate and comprehensive assessment of client needs and goals, leveraging creative talents,  cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for customizing workflows to deliver maximum results on time and on budget.

My years of experience have given me the technical savvy, creative versatility and unique skills-set for maximizing productions within the competitive broadcasting and entertainment industries.  The quality of my work has garnered multiple awards throughout the years.

Creative Technical Experienced

I've been fortunate throughout my career to edit a wide varity of projects. They include short form, long form, story driven, graphics driven, live events, documentaries, promos and so much.  

Color Correction

& Finishing

Color correction and finishing has become my favorite part of the post process.  With tools like DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk Smoke at my disposal, I'm able to bring out the best of each job.


& Motion Graphics

I've been compositing video and graphics since my first project.  This skill has served me well throughout my career.  My tools of choice are Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Smoke.

Much of my video editorial work has been onsite including TV broadcasts like The Grammys and music festival  broadcasts and webcasts like Coachella & The New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Post Production Workflow

Post workflow can make or break any project.  I specialize in creating efficient workflows for every project.  This requires a deep understanding of the post process and the strengths and weaknesses of the individual tools at my disposal.

One thing that two decades of experience in the video industry gives you is the ability to accurately deliver shows to network specifications and the ever growing and changing digital deliveries.

Content Creation

from smartphones to theatre screens and everything in between

Video content is everywhere these days, from 4 inch mobile screens to 40 foot theatre screens.  Like most industries, budgets are getting smaller and  clients need to get the most from every dollar.  I pride myself in maximizing every budget, regardless of size.  I have the experience, skills and resources to meet and exceed client expectations.

Changes in video production and post are occurring faster than ever. For over two decades my approach has remained consistent; stay ahead of the curve, utilize the latest technology and rely on my experience.

- George Bellias

Latest news

Streetlight Harmonies is a full length documentary about the history and impact of the Doo Wop era of music from the late 1950's to the early 1960's.  I'll be handling all of the editorial including offline, online, color and finishing. 

Dire Consequences is a hilarious pilot for MTV about two friends who make ridulous bets with outrageous consequences.

I handled the color correction, finishing and deliverables for the pilot episode.

Jade Productions

Studio Facilities

For the past 22 years, I've primarily operated out of my own studio that I designed and built.  This small yet incredibly powerful place has served me well throughout the years.  It is extremely effecient having so many tools at my immediate disposal from offline and online video editorial, color and finishing to graphics and audio.  The hundreds of projects created in this studio have ranged from domestic and international broadcasts, theatrical release, DVD/Bluray and online web content.

Editorial Tools

Beyond Post

I've had the opportunity to produce a wie variety of projects throughout my career.  These include EPK's, documentaries, corporate and industrial projects along as well as VFX for feature films.

Directing was a natural progression in my caree having edited so much content.  Projects I have directed  include EPK's and documentaries along with multicam live events.

I've had the priviledge and oopportunity to share my post production knowledge and experience with numerous companies and producers in the past.  I've helped construct efficient post workflows and provided software training for new users.